Friday, September 30, 2011

Life in the City author to be interview on Sonoma Sun FM 91.3

Shane Charles Sourgose, author of nonfiction Life in the City, to visit the Sonoma Sun FM 91.3 station.

Sourgose will be interviewed by Diana Dawn during her Tuesday, November 1st 2011 "Some Like it Hot!" Radio Show at 7pm.

During their conversation, the bestselling author will discuss his current trip to South America, release of poetry piece Sonnets, Songs & Soliloquies, and forthcoming fictional novel The Professional, the Cleaner and the Lookout.

Host, Diana Dawn, heats up the airwaves with her weekly show Some like it Hot! which includes: celebrity interviews, film reviews and live performances. Comedian Jackie Mason has complimented Diana Dawn with having “Wit, charm, beauty, talent and possessing real star material.”

Sun FM 91.3 Sonoma is a public, non profit bilingual community radio at its best—completely adopted by the community. With over 60 volunteer hosts from the Sonoma area, each with varying interests and life views, Sun FM’s programming is free of the constraints of commercial interest.

Sun FM is unique in its ability to convey not only locally, but regionally, nationally, even globally; what is distinctive about Sonoma, its people, places and events.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Roa, Z. Life in the City author Shane Sourgose. 2011. Photograph. Alley near St. Mary's Park, San Francisco.

North Star Print has confirmed that it will produce a revised softcover of Shane Charles Sourgose’s nonfictional piece literally titled Life in the City.

The second edition will include the author’s follow-up, Sonnets, Songs & Soliloquies, a compilation of poetry previously released earlier this year.

“During my 2011 [northern California] book tour I realized that the two pieces should have been published together as one for they really do complement each other,” Sourgose states during a conference with editors.

The actual release date for the paperback of Life in the City will be confirmed at a later time.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Life in the City author Shane Charles Sourgose will release second edition of title, to include poetry piece “Sonnets, Songs & Soliloquies”

Sonnets, Songs & Soliloquies cover art photographed by Claudia Cali

Actual release date for the second edition softcover of Life in the City is not confirmed, more information coming soon.

To purchase first edition hardcover of Life in the City (in limited print) click the Barnes & Noble logo below: