Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sonnets, Songs & Soliloquies poetry book by Shane Charles Sourgose, author of Life in the City, to release soon!

Photograph of author (center, in tank) with friends at Dolores Park taken by Claudia Cali

Below is an excerpt from Shane Charles Sourgose's forthcoming piece Sonnets, Songs & Soliloquies:

Mirror, Mirror
Reflect me the vision I wish to see
The one that brings me to tears
We know all too well which one
Me on to one side
That person on the other
We meet at the middle
And vow to commit sin for eternity
No other could nonetheless finish
Unless one lays thee bitter sweet end
Yet until that very day
There will be no such departure
Of thy heart
Nor of thou soul
As such embodiment only a station
In which we thus take
Pending that time we must go
Yet find one another all again
Though not in this reverie
But in alternative realm
Although all is forgotten
We, will not
And may we never

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Life in the City author Shane Charles Sourgose at his Dirty Little Secrets... book reading 2/8/2011

Life in the City author Shane Charles Sourgose at his book reading/signing Dirty Little Secrets... hosted by Glass Kandi (569 Geary St) San Francisco, CA

"I didn't expect to cry during the reading . . . I guess I had some [things] bottled up and nonetheless had to let go, in front of an audience at that!"

All GK exclusive signed copies of Life in the City with Sourgose's dirty little secrets sold out within hours.

Publisher, North Star Print, will soon halt print of the first edition hardcover to make room for the second edition softback, details coming soon.

Photograph by Shaun-Michael Crowder

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

DIANA DAWN’S “SOME LIKE IT HOT!” February 2nd 2011 interview with “Life in the City” author Shane Charles Sourgose

DIANA DAWN’S “SOME LIKE IT HOT!” interview with Life in the City author Shane Charles Sourgose

Sonoma SUN 91.3fm, Febrary 2nd 2011:

I have to ask you about your last name, do others tend to constantly pronounce it incorrectly?

- People do, funny you ask because ever since I was a child I’ve been referred to as Sour-Goose… So it’s somewhat of a running joke among me and my friends!

In your book you talk about dropping out of San Francisco State University to pursue a career in marketing, how did that lead you into writing?

- Well, I’ve always been a writer . . . but when I was writing for professionals I wasn’t happy with myself, and I state that in my book, but now that I’m writing for myself . . . which seems narcissistic, but I am extremely gratified of where I am now and where I am going…

Your book was originally a blog that you conducted while you were unemployed, which I understand is a hard time for many, so what inspired you to exploit your life to others?

- Aside from searching for work, I decided to blog with the free time I had, that lead to the blog where my publisher found me and thus the book was born . . . or conceived…

Life in the City has been coined by critics as a Gay Sex and the City, what are your thoughts about that?

- I love Candice Bushnell’s honest take about life in the city, so I definitely take that as a complement…

"Standing at the Crossroad" is a very telling chapter about where you are in your love life, are you still there at the fork in the road or has your relationship status changed?

- Well, some of those roads have now become U-turns; I haven’t given up on the notion necessarily as I know he’s out there . . . somewhere! We’ll see...

And what's your type?

- The Brawny man.

Will there be a follow up to Life in the City?

- As of now, no . . . but there could always be a possibility…

You have two fictional pieces coming soon, what is The Chronicles of Preston and Jerry about?

- It’s about two estranged friends’ that reconnect and find themselves needing one another through life’s many ups and downs . . . and this piece was actually originally a situation comedy that a fellow actor/producer friend, whom you met at the Screenwriter’s Expo . . . last year, 20-10. . . And Sean Grady co-created…

And the other is titled The Professional, Cleaner and Lookout, what is that story about?

- That one’s about three comrades whom find themselves in a life of espionage, which leads them into a life of organized crime…

The last time we talked you were writing a poetry book, do you have a title and when should we expect it?

- I do, the title is Sonnet’s, Songs & Soliloquies and is expected to release while I am in South America, early summer…

So you are going to South America, which country will you be visiting and why?

- I will be visiting Suriname, which is a Dutch country north of Brazil, meeting with a great-great friend of mine whom is working for the Peace Corps… We will be collaborating on a forthcoming novel, which will be simply titled 5.

After your trip to Suriname, what do you plan to do?

- Honestly, my itinerary isn’t quite there yet…

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