Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sonnets, Songs & Soliloquies poetry book by Shane Charles Sourgose, author of Life in the City, to release soon!

Photograph of author (center, in tank) with friends at Dolores Park taken by Claudia Cali

Below is an excerpt from Shane Charles Sourgose's forthcoming piece Sonnets, Songs & Soliloquies:

Mirror, Mirror
Reflect me the vision I wish to see
The one that brings me to tears
We know all too well which one
Me on to one side
That person on the other
We meet at the middle
And vow to commit sin for eternity
No other could nonetheless finish
Unless one lays thee bitter sweet end
Yet until that very day
There will be no such departure
Of thy heart
Nor of thou soul
As such embodiment only a station
In which we thus take
Pending that time we must go
Yet find one another all again
Though not in this reverie
But in alternative realm
Although all is forgotten
We, will not
And may we never

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