Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Author Shane Charles Sourgose talks about his current piece and what's to come!

Life in the City author, Shane Charles Sourgose, takes some time from writing to talk with the editors of North Star Print.

I first heard of Shane Charles as a public relations firm run by an exuberant young alumni of San Francisco State University, this same youth now a man has just released a very personal book that accounts his life in San Francisco from 2004 to 2010, referencing sex and relationships.

“My readers are calling it the ‘Gay Sex and the City’,” accounts author Sourgose during our interview. “I’d like to say it’s my homage to Kerouac’s the Dharma Bums . . . transformation into adulthood with notions of self-discovery along the way.”

Glass Kandi is to release exclusive Life in the City books with handwritten secrets from the author. “I’m not too sure when [Glass Kandi] will release them, but I do know that the secrets I’ll write into them are very dirty. . .”

When asked about his personal life, Sourgose did shy away with a smirk and answer, “I’m a really-really private person that tends to vent through my writing!” I knew then to move forward with Shane Charles’ forthcoming fictional pieces.

The Chronicles of Preston and Jerry was originally a television project that I created with fellow actor/producer Sean Grady.” Sourgose leans forward and continues, “It’s quite comical, very Neil Simon meets Will & Grace!”

“My other book, The Professional, Cleaner and Lookout, is an action/thriller about three friends who find themselves in a life of espionage,” Sourgose smiles in delight, “an inner Angelina Jolie is coming out and kicking a lot of guys’ ass!”

Shane Charles plans to travel through Suriname beginning May 2011 and exploit his ventures in an upcoming book simply titled 5. “In that book, my journey begins. . .”

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