Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Life in the City author Shane Charles Sourgose commences excursion in South America!

Photograph of Shane Charles Sourgose by Z Roa

From book number two to South America, author Shane Charles Sourgose is changing the world through literary arts!

With the liberation of poetry piece Sonnets, Songs & Soliloquies, follow-up to Lulu Press sex & relationships bestseller Life in the City , and with the achievement of his “Dirty Little Secrets…” event in San Francisco, author Shane Charles Sourgose is now touring the country of Suriname.

“I will be visiting a village within Suriname beside a Peace Corps Volunteer in order to experience the country firsthand and endure through all of its beauty,” Sourgose stated during a meeting held yesterday with the office of Public Affairs at the United States Embassy located in Paramaribo.

Sourgose also accredited during the conference, “This in turn will assist to better my knowledge with Suriname, absorbing the duel-linguistics in order to conduct work in regards to literacy and the literary arts.”

Throughout his stay in Suriname, Sourgose will be operating closely with the Peace Corps as well as the US Embassy to assure that his mission in literary advocacy is fulfilled.

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