Monday, May 23, 2011

Life in the City author Sonnets, Songs & Soliloquies poet concludes tour of South America, though his exertion has merely begun!

Photograph of Shane Charles Sourgose in Godolo Tabriki by Matthew Day

San Francisco Bay Area author and poet, Shane Charles Sourgose, explored the interior of Suriname through the Sipaliwini district alongside a Peace Corps Volunteer; his initial efforts began May 11, 2011 and concluded May 21, 2011, but his work is nearly finished.

During his venture through the Amazon jungle, Sourgose not only practiced his Dutch, but obliged the Maroon linguistic of Saramaka.

“Like any tourist, I was given a hard time at first, though once I got the greetings and appreciations down, was given right into their culture,” Sourgose states during a phone meeting with investors and fellow press.

Sourgose met with members of WASH UNICEF, Stichting FOB and Suriname Red Cross, respectively, in regards to humanitarian and environmentalist work focusing on literary arts.

“I originally had the conception of assisting literacy during my stay, but through my findings, viewed that my energies should be better directed towards conserving the Amazon, in addition to the wellbeing of inhabitants through education.”

Shane Charles Sourgose plans to meet with members of the United States Embassy at their May 26th viewing of Edge of America at the American Corner CCS; on a forthcoming date, he campaigns to also meet with the Embassy of Netherlands in Suriname regarding a recycling and sanitation program to assist with the communities he visited.

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